An extra eye on your business


Web PM analyzes all the parameters to asses and improve your website performance by reducing waiting time for users. The platform compares your website with competitors’ websites to find out your ranking in terms of page loading time, the overall weight of the page, the number of loaded objects. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, Webpmreport.com provides a great user experience both on the front-end and the back-end.

Single and Multiple Analysis

WEB PM analyzes the performance of any web site on a specific agent and location. Tests can be automatically re-run in a given time frame.

Agent and Location Cloud anywhere in the world

Tests can be run in Europe, Japan, USA and China on Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. Tests on iPhone and Android devices can be run in Europe.

Reports and statistics

Reports include:
– Time data (load time, first byte)
– Size data (page size)
– Screenshots
– Images js, css, html, flash and text


Tests are captured on video. Users can therefore watch the entire procedure from the moment the website is opened to the moment the page is fully uploaded.

Comparative analysis

WEB PM can perform comparative analysis between your website and the websites of your competitors. Results will be shown on a PDF file and a video.

Multi-test and Crawler test: comprehensive multiple analysis of the website

Tests can be run on multiple locations and bowsers at the same time. The crawler analyzes the whole structure of the website and tests every single page.

Ping-Test and ongoing website monitoring

Single or multiple ping-tests are automatically run to verify and notify the state of a website.

Alerting eMail e PDF.

The report with the results of the tests will be emailed to single or multiple email addresses. Alternatively, it can be downloaded as a single file or as a zip file.

Updates and software as a service

The designated team will release new features and integrations with the major analysis software (i.e. Google Analytics and Crashlytics) on a regular basis.