A comprehensive project: from the design of the structure to communication


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Functions and tools

Safety, speed, comfort. Online traders want it all.

Prestige, innovation and technology.

Being designated to develop the Online Trading platform of a bank is rewarding, to say the least. It is also a very big challenge though. EiSWORLD was absolutely honored to develop the Online Trading platform for Banca Sella, the first bank in Italy to acknowledge the potential contribution of technology. We are happy and proud to serve Banca Sella not only as consultants but also as partners.

The concept

Shares, bonds and securities evolve on a daily basis. Investors have been placing real time orders directly, for decades now. Online trading is surely no new invention. Banca Sella has been operating in this field since 1998 and it wants to provide its clients with the best tools, in line with current times and markets.
We drew inspiration from luxury cars and the feeling of confidence that they convey when driving them. Just as cars, the trading platform has to be powerful, safe, fast, reliable and provided with smart innovative tools to make better economic decisions.

The solution

EiSWORLD created the main trading tools in close collaboration with the team of Banca Sella.
Specifically, a major contribution was made in the realization of the book, the list of securities, the financial diagram, and the option visualizer. All these tools allow for a high degree of customization, which is particularly important given the wide range of markets and bonds. Users can narrow or widen the range of bonds to focus on a specific block without losing track of the market as a whole.
Providing users with an improved user experience was the driver of our technical and graphic choices. We simplified the way investors can perform their financial operations and customize the platform.

Extreme5 video

After finalizing the technical aspects of the project, we released 3 videos to launch the platform on the market.
The first video was made to present “Sella Extreme 5” at the Milan TOL Expo in 2013. The second video is a 30 second computer graphic teaser whose aim is to raise awareness on the new product. The third video – also made using computer graphic design – accurately shows the features of the projects: speed, flexibility, customization and innovation.