Through this website, users can explore and enjoy the cultural heritage of the city of Rome.


Archeoroma App

Interview to Pasquale Porreca on the wonders of Rome

A real archeological site

The Soprintendenza Speciale per il Colosseo e l’Area Archeologica Centrale di Roma (Special Superintendency for the Colosseum and the Central Archaeological Area of Rome) is a body of the Italian Ministry of Culture and Tourism whose mission is to protect, manage and enhance some of the most important monuments and archeological sites in the world including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and the Domus Aurea.

In 2011, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism gave the Special Superintendency full autonomy – at administrative, scientific and organizational level – in managing these worldly famous sites.

Electa publishing specializes in architecture, archeology and design and works as a service supplier for the Special Superintendency, in compliance with Ronchey law. In partnership with Coopculture, Electa provides a number of services to the Special Superintendency. Specifically, Electa is in charge of book publishing, merchandising, the management of the book shops and the organization of exhibitions and events aimed at promoting the archaeological sites and the knowledge of the ancient world.

The website allows to explore and learn more about the archaeological heritage of Rome and it is intended both for those users who are planning a visit to the city of Rome and for those who just want to know more about the city and its history.

Rome in an app

The App was developed in collaboration with the Special Superintendency for the Archaeological Heritage of Rome with the aim of providing mobile access to the archaeological heritage of the city and promoting art through new forms of communication.
Through the app, users can access information on museums, archeological sites, exhibitions and events to plan their visit.