An App for Detroit

FCA entrusted EiSWORLD to develop the app used to share content with international investors, financial analysts and journalists at the 2014 FCA Investor Day.

The challenge

The Investor Day is probably FCA’s most important communication event of the year. The meeting is the occasion to discuss strategies, figures and future scenarios with investors, financial analysts and insiders from all over the world. The outcome of the Investor Day is so important that it affects the value of FCA bonds.

Content is the most important aspect, but the way it is delivered has an impact on the public as well. A speaker is easily perceived as more or less reliable according to the quality of their presentations. If something goes wrong, if the presentation is not clear, no one would think that the responsibility might be on a third party. It is the image of the Client that is at stake.

Our challenge consisted in moving forward from the traditional on-screen presentation with handouts and developing a more efficient one-to-one content delivery approach.

The solution

Imagine 400 attendees in a very big conference hall. The rows at the very back of the room were about 70 feet away from the stage and getting people to read numbers and words on the screen was simply not an option, especially given the nature of the audience.
FCA asked us to develop a solution more consistent with the new brand image.
Hence, the idea of providing every member of the public with a tablet.
The choice fell on the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.
Many are the benefits derived from the use of tablets.
First of all, tablets are modern technological devices. Traditional slides will probably continue to be used for a long time but despite their accuracy and appeal, they clearly belong to the past.
Secondly, tablets allowed all attendees, regardless of their seat, to explore content with no effort. Participants could go back to previous pages – in case they wanted to go through the presentations a second time – but they were not able to access the presentations that still had to be delivered. We believed it was an important function to implement to prevent attendees from reading the presentations before the speeches were actually given.
Through the control panel we were able to share online the presentations, data, images and live footage. Thanks to a secondary app, we were also able to monitor the activity of every single participant: accessed pages, possible malfunctions of tablets, failed uploads etc. Malfunctioning tablets were promptly replaced.
Nothing was left to chance because even though we are willing to take risks, we prefer not to.

Technically speaking

The platform (app + CMS) integrated three fundamental features: stability, flexibility and rapidity.

The following for the application for tablets

Android: for the application for tablets

Microsoft Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC, framework NET, SQL Server for the real time content delivery platform.