EiSWORLD Academy provides training and professional guidance to all employees of the group. Its mission is to identify the skills and expectations of our team members to make sure that each one of them is on the right career path.
This is possible thanks to a series of one-to-one meetings that are held on a regular basis throughout the year where employees provide constructive feedback on their career and share their professional aspirations.

The Academy offers interdisciplinary seminars and training courses that are specifically designed to improve our employees’ skills on a technical, management and interpersonal level. Thanks to these courses, our staff is on a constant journey of self-improvement that increases their chances for career advancement.

As if it were not enough, the Academy organizes fun corporate events, team building activities and nights out with the goal of bringing people together and strengthening the sense of belonging to the group.
In EiSWORLD, people come first!

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